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2012                                          Kannada Feature Film ATMASAAKSHI


Atmasaakshi, is the first feature film produced under the banner Manu Entertainment Network.

The movie is based on a triangular love story written by eminent author Dr. N. Dsouza.

Story: Dr.N. Dsouza
Screenplay: Manu N., Venugopal K.C. & Dr. Mohan Kumar
Dialogues: Dr. Mohan Kumar R. Kadam
Music Direction: A.M. Neel & Ashley-Abhilash
Cinematography: Suryakantha Honnalli DCT
Editing: M.N. Swamy
Production Manager: B.G. Ramesh
Line Producer: L. Satish
Executive Producer: Mrs. Suvarna Nanju
Producer & Director: Manu N. DCT
Star Cast: Manu (Debut), Shwetha Srivatsav, Navya Akkam(Debut), Kiran Neenasam, Vikram Udaykumar, Umesh, Jambe Ashok, Suma Dwaraknath, Sunitha Shetty, Nandini Vittal, Shobina Vasudev, Shankar Bhat, Walter D’souza, Vishwamitr,
NGF Ramamurthy etc.
Makeup: N. Kumar
Associate Director: Panchakshari
Assistant Directors: Raviraj, Andani, Jairam, Shridhar & Manju
Lyrics: Sudhir Attavar & Dr.Mohan Kumar
Playback Singers: Ritisha Padmanabha, Joel Dubba & Varijashree Venugopal
Choreography: Ramu & Chandra Mayur
Art Direction: Srinivas
Background Score: Ashley Mendonca – Abhilash Lakra
Dts Engineer: Rajashekhar & Vasu
Visual Effects: Janardhan
Duration: 120 Minutes             Format: 35mm, dts           CBFC rating: U
Coming Soon



A Documentary on training children 

to build a clean future.


Duration: 20 minutes.        Format: DV


UNICEF sponsors school Sanitation and Hygiene Education (SSHE) project under the broad framework of the CDD-WATSAN project. This film documents the success of this program in seven blocks of Mysore district in Karnataka state. The active participation of schools, community and administration are the main reason for its success.




A short English film on education and child labour

Duration: 2 minutes 30 seconds.    Format: Betacam SP.

One of the nine short listed films in BBC World Television Channel's "Young Film Maker of the Year 2003". A weekly magazine “India Today” published an article about this in its Feb. 9 2004, issue.



This is a short film of young boy whose ambition is to study and be educated, but is unable to achieve it due to poverty.


The story unfolds from boy’s point of view as he is trying to escape from Minister Kalappa’s men and the minister is busy giving a speech on Children’s Day at public function on November 14 (In India, November 14 is celebrated as Children’s day because it happens to be the birthday of Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, who was very fond of Children). The boy recollects how Minister Kalappa cheated him and his parents.


Though poor, the boy’s father (Appaiaha) supports him till he completes 5th standard. Due to poverty, Appaiaha sells his son to Minister Kalappa for money and promises him that he will allow his son for further education in a metro city where he lives. Instead, he makes the boy to work in his house as a child labour. One day, the boy realizes that the Minister was a cheat, and runs away from his house when he had gone out for a public function on November 14, Children’s Day. Minister Kalappa’s men try to catch him but the boy escapes from them. An educated man, who just happens to pass by, in the same road at the same time, saves him.
The film ends optimistically as the boy comes across a school building, stops and looks at it. In the background a Sanskrit verse is heard: AACHARYA DEVO BHAVA… meaning Teacher is a form of God.




A Contemporary Indian Village

Duration: 18 minutes.        Format: DV


A Documentary in English depicting various aspects of life in an Indian Village.  This film was done to participate in SAUVE Scholarship, Montreal, Canada.





a love story of hearts…

Diploma Film
Duration: 5mins 45sec    Format: 16 MM



Vasu, the hero, is a famous & successful playback singer now. The present status is result of his years of struggle and hard work. As it is rightly said 'there is a woman behind every successful man', Soumya - his long time beloved, is an eternal source of inspiration and she is always with him to raise his spirits during his struggling days. Vasu expresses the due credits of his success to Soumya.



One fate full day, after completing a recording for a movie, Vasu and Soumya will be headed back home in a motorbike. Soumya makes a wish to drink a tender coconut on the way. As soumya was about to cross the road, a van suddenly comes from behind and she meets with an accident and dies. Vasu submerges in grief and depression by the loss of his beloved and looses interest in life.
Meantime, Hema, his colleague at the recording studio is in love with Vasu. Hema tries in every way to fill the loss in Vasu's life by expressing her profound love for him and assures to bring him out of his disturbed state of mind. She tries in every way to convince him that her love is unselfish. But Vasu is unable to forget Soumya and her love. He rejects Hema and her love to him. Should Vasu change his mind or not? Remains an unanswered question in the film.